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WordPerfect X6 Review

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PROS / WordPerfect simulates other word processing applications so that it is easy to learn and it has tons of features.

CONS / The program has so many features it may confuse newbies.

 VERDICT / WordPerfect is the perfect word processing software for most users.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: interactive PDF features; encryption and password protection; EPUB format support; mass mailing features; macro management; support for 60 file types; HTML5 compatibility; iPad app. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Office Software site.

Corel WordPerfect X6 is so feature-filled that it competes with any powerhouse word processor such as Microsoft Word. WordPerfect has the ability to make professional looking fax cover sheets, resumes, brochures, labels and more. It also has a built-in program to help with eBook publishing. While there are a few features missing, like a file translator, WordPerfect is hard to ignore in the word processing world, and that is why this software earns our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award.


WordPerfect X6 is fully customizable. Toolbars and menus can all be adjusted and placed where you like them. If you are a beginner looking for information on any features of X6, the help feature includes an easy button-style menu that is clean, organized and very easy to use.

If you are an experienced user of word processors and prefer previous interface of WordPerfect, the software has a simulation mode you can access through Workspace Manager. When the software is in this mode, the tabs or buttons will be in the same place they would be on past versions of WordPerfect.

Basic Features

WordPerfect X6 word processing software has the wide range of basic features that you would expect from high-functioning word processing software. It also includes two unique features that other word processors just don't have: the X6's Application Launcher and the PerfectExpert menu.

The Application Launcher button in the tool bar allows you to quickly jump to online applications with the click of a button. This feature is particularly clever if you have several projects you are doing at once.

The templates feature contains a long list of pre-made documents. All you have to do is simply fill in the text fields to create a professional-looking document. This saves time and frustration, especially if you are new to creating various documents like brochures, labels and business cards.

The complete web integration of the software allows you to access information without leaving the software window. This is an essential feature when you want to add up-to-date facts to reports and documents. WordPerfect's iFilter also lets you search your WordPerfect documents that are stored in a Microsoft SharePoint server.

The Make-It-Fit feature will automatically size a block of text to fit an area in your document so you won't have to fiddle with font size.

Editing Tools

WordPerfect word processing software is jam-packed with editing tools that rival Microsoft Word's tools. The library of reference books included in your word processing software, give you tools you need to polish your wordsmith skills. It includes the Oxford University Press Dictionary, a thesaurus, a Grammatik grammar checker and a spell checker.

The Prompt-as-You-Go feature allows you to see suggested spelling options while you type. If you see the word that you want, you can click on it and the software will type the word for you with perfect spelling. This feature is one-of-a-kind and incredibly useful.
Unfortunately, X6 doesn't have a file translator, which can be a real drawback if you regularly produce documents in a number of languages. However, for most people this tool won't be needed or missed.

Publishing/Print Options

WordPerfect X6 gives you a nice variety of publishing options for your document. You can fax it, email it or post it to the web. You can also create a PDF version, which is a handy option for creating eBooks or sharing large amounts of information on the internet without making a multipage website.

Insert Tools

If you have used word processing software before, you are probably used to the idea of inserting clip art, graphs, tables and photos into your documents. WordPerfect X6 puts a twist on this idea and allows you to draw your own graphics and insert them on the screen. This option is perfect for the artistically inclined person who can't seem to find the perfect image. The drawing feature is also a great way to let children add their own personal touch to letters and emails to grandparents and friends. The drawing feature includes premade shapes, a freehand drawing tool, frames and more. You may find other software with this type of tool, but most won't have the more advanced drawing tools that WordPerfect has.

You can also insert scrapbook templates into documents. This feature lets you spiff up plain documents or create printable scrapbook pages on your computer.

One unusual feature that can't be found anywhere else is WordPerfect's Redaction feature. You can conceal sensitive information in your documents by placing a black bar over the information. Other parties won't be able to see the information or remove the bars. Only you will know what's there.

File Formats

If you use a variety of different word processing applications or you're worried about sharing documents with someone with different software, WordPerfect X6 can help. You can save your document as just about any file format you can think of, including old-school software such as WordStar. It is also fully compatible with all Microsoft Word file formats.


WordPerfect X6 is almost the perfect word processing software. While it lacks a translator, you likely won't miss this feature if you don't need to work with documents in various languages. However, you will appreciate the unique tools and its abundance of basic features. WordPerfect X6 proves to be a top-notch word processor.