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Word Processing Software Reviews

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Word Processing Software Review

Why Buy Word Processing Software?

Word processing software is a tool that can be used to create almost any kind of text document you can think of. From blogs to postcards, this type of software allows even new computer users to create professional looking projects at home or in the office. Most people are familiar with the basics of word processing, but there are tons of options and additional features that can really take your document from fine to fantastic. And while Microsoft Word has become the recognized standard, there are several other alternatives that you might want to consider.

What to Look for in Word Processing Software

Finding the best word processing software for your needs can be difficult, so we've done the work for you! We've found the best software, tried them out and posted the goods here so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Here is an overview of the criteria we used when ranking each software brand.

You don't want to buy word processing software that you can't figure out. That's why we made sure to test each piece of software from a beginner's point-of-view. You're also going to be looking at the software's screen for prolonged periods of time, so we also took note of how easy the layout is on the eyes.

Basic Features
These are features that we feel every word processor should possess. From creating bulleted lists to keeping your documents safe, these features are essential to making simple documents that will work for the office, classroom or home.

Editing Tools
We understand that not everyone is a spelling whiz or a grammar champion. Good text software should pick up the slack. We looked for software that included dictionaries, thesauruses, spell checkers and grammar correcting tools built in.

Publishing/Print Options
A finished document sitting on a hard drive is of no use. Print and publishing options help you get that text out to the world by turning it into blogs, HTML, wikis and more with a few mouse clicks.

Insert Tools
Plain text is boring. Insert tools jazz up documents by allowing you to add drawings, pictures, clip art, graphs, charts, movies and more. Better yet, these word processors have tools that allow you to create many of these types of media yourself for a truly unique touch to your projects.

File Formats
When you're done with a text document, you may need to send it to someone else. Saving your document in a form that your buddy can open on his computer is crucial. Because of this, we checked to see which programs could save in different file formats, including rich text format, .doc, .txt and more.

By browsing these categories in each review, you will be able to find the features that you need for your projects, and ultimately, make an informed decision on the word processing software you need.

So which word processing software made our top three picks? Take a look at Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and EasyWord.

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